This page is a great place to link to books that your students have created, so that they can be published authors! Please tell a little about how the student created the story!

Evelyn's On the Go Book!

This page was created by Evelyn, as if written by her doll. Evelyn used this book to practice the new 'place' words on her Vanguard AAC device.
- We used the app Story Patch because it has more than 1800 illustrations, and can be On Go story patch.jpg an iBook and PDF.
- First, Evelyn used partner assisted scanning to pick the vehicle she wanted (ex: helicopter, jet, car)
- Then, she chose the place she wanted to go in that vehicle (e.g., A jet takes me to the LIBRARY).
She had a lot of fun with this (e.g., she goes to therapy in a pirate ship!)
- She then picked the ending from a choice of 3 (This was all a dream. I am a crazy girl. I'm a jet-setter).

When the book was finished and we read it, Evelyn went to 'feelings' and said PROUD. Indeed!!!