Developmental Spelling Assessment: Linking Assessment to Intervention

The link below will take you to a free webinar with handouts on Developmental Spelling Assessment, at the Significant Disabilities Access Page for the Louisiana Department of Education.

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Developmental Spelling Webinar

Comprehension Checklist
(Tip of the Month, March 2012)
This simple checklist can be used as a pre-post measure. It will support teachers and professionals by:
1) Documentingstudentprogress(useadifferentcolormarkereach time)
2) Reminding adults of sample targets for comprehension support
3) Showing areas of strength and weakness for both individuals and classes

Posted on 8/19/11 by Deanna:

This year we are collecting baseline data on the students in our targtet classroom using a modified version of the
external image msword.png Monster.Test.doc (Richard Gentry's Developmental Spelling Test) and the

Literacy Rubric by Kathy Staugler (see Caroline's Tip of the Month for June 2009 - Literacy Rubric)

Comments on Literacy Rubric vs. The Bridge and how they are being used are welcome here:
Louisiana Team: This was SO easy to administer!
It worked best when at least two of us scored the rubric together (teacher & para; teacher & SLP).
I LOVE that you get a score from 0 - 25. That really helped to chart progress across the year.
This Rubric showed small changes across the year. Parents could really 'get' it and were so excited.
Most of my students had at least a few 1s. It was so great for their parents to see that they had ALREADY started their emergent literacy journey.

Phoneme Phun: Sound Substitution

(Tip of the Month, January, 2008)