Webinar by Deanna on 12/3/15 - Shared Writing and AAC: Core Words & Sentence Starters

Core Words Display Board based on DLM Top 40 + 5

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Predictable Chart Writing: Another Webinar

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Predictable Chart Writing Webinar

Predictable Chart Writing

: How To + Standards

This how-to from the Center for Literacy & Disability Studies is VERY helpful and easy to follow!

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Predictable Chart Writing How To


Alternate Pencil Strategies: A Webinar

Check out this FREE webinar!

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Alternate Pencil Strategies Webinar


The Power of Developmental Spelling - Even at the SemiPhonetic Stage!!

This blog post discusses the power of using semiphonetic spelling, even just writing initial letters (ex: M for Mommy, Z for Zach, P for Pepsi). This is especially powerful for students who use AAC, as they can give great clues using semiphonetic spelling!

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Importance of SemiPhonetic Spelling

Check out this cool little Animoto video. You can do this for free, or pay $5 per month to create up to 10 min videos!

AAC Authors Emerge



Writing E-Books

Many apps help students quickly create e-books to share with others. Here is a sample app that we have used to create our own stories. Then you can open you stories from iBooks. What a great idea for self-selected reading!

Book Creator This flexible app includes text, pictures, and audio. Special features include:

• Very easy changes (e.g., fonts, sizes, colors, styles)
• Multiple audio buttons on a page
• Invisible buttons when exported to iBooks
Also has an older students ‘feel’

Book Creator Ideas:

The book below was made after students visited a food bank. They took photos and wrote a book. Note the 2 sound files:

• Adult reading the text
• Student using device to comment on the picture

book creator sample.jpg

In the book below, we took a screenshot of pages of one of the student's favorite books (note - you MUST own the book to do this! And do NOT give away the e-book afterwards, unless others also own the book!)

The three audio buttons represent:
• Adult fluently reading the text
• Student using device to comment on the picture
• Student using device to add a sound effect (BURP!)
Book Creator pizza good.jpg

Posted by Caroline Musselwhite, 10/19/12

posted by Deanna on March 20, 2011

Check out this handy Stages of Writing

Handout from our friends at http://fourblock.wikispaces.com


as well as these the directions for shared Predictable Chart Writing and Remnant Books (to stimulate writing) from Dr. Gretchen Hanser at the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies:
external image pdf.png PredChartWrtgExt.pdf

external image pdf.png RemnantBooks_000.pdf