About the AAC-Balanced Literacy Wiki

This wiki was started by Deanna Wagner and Caroline Mussselwhite to support students who use AAC in becoming literate. We hope to have materials here for:

• parents
• teachers
• therapists
• people who use AAC
• and everyone else who supports their literacy journey!

How Can YOU Be Involved?

A. Lurking and learning - just explore this wiki, follow the links, and download materials
B. Responding to discussion questions - we have posted several discussions, and hope that people will want to contribute
C. Become a member and post ideas and materials!

National Reading Panel Report

Although this has been out for a decade, you can still find valuable information in these reports. Download the reports of the subgroups here:
National Reading Panel Subgroups Report

Check out our Live Binder for awesome web links:


Our main reference is

Children with Disabilities: Reading and Writing the Four-Blocks Way - by Karen Erickson and David Koppenhaver

Children with Disabilities: Reading and Writing the Four-Blocks® Way : Book
Collection of ideas, strategies, and resources to truly meet the learning needs and preferences of children with disabilities. Also includes strategies for reading and writing success in special education classrooms, variations for students with disabilities
Grade(s): 1-3 $31.99
Erickson & Kopp 4 Blocks.jpg

Many hints and tips related to literacy for students who use AAC can be found in Caroline Musselwhite's Tip of the Month

We are not alone in our commitment to literacy. Check out this blog by Kate Ahern:Reading IS a Life Skill

And this Four Blocks Tour from Carole Zangari's blog:Robust Literacy Instruction for People Who Use AAC